John Donne Longs for the Real Church

Holy Sonnet XVIII

Show me, dear Christ, Thy spouse, so bright and clear.
What, is it she which on the other shore
Goes richly painted? or which robbed and tore
Laments and mourns in Germany and here?
Sleeps she a thousand, then peeps up one year?
Is she self-truth and errs? now new, now outwore?
Doth she, and did she, and shall she evermore
On one, on seven, or on no hill appear?
Dwells she with us, or like adventuring knights
Frist travail we to seek, and then make love?
Betray, kind husband, Thy spouse to our sights,
And let mine amorous soul court Thy mild Dove,
Who is most true and pleasing to Thee then
When she is embraced and open to most men.

I'm glad I'm not the only one in history who grows weary of mens' spins on God's reality.
I long for truth, I long to live by truth, and I pray that my interpretation of scripture is as God-inspired as the intents of those who wrote it.
Religion should be informed by faith and reality, should be informed by a true relationship with the Ultimate Being, a changed heart and redeemed soul; it is worse than worthless when it stands alone.
There is something more important than actions and rituals, something behind and above them, that gives them their power and value. 
Oh, I hope I see it and don't lose sight.
God is God, forever and unchanging, and all Truth is His. Down with reinterpretations, trends, earthly comfort and convenience in the church! Where I am wrong, correct me, Holy Spirit. Why should we want anything but His pure, unfiltered reality?



Fall is the absolute best time to ride bicycles. Mountain, road, I just don't care.

Oh, Wikipedia,

source of worthless knowledge, sink of valued hours.
"Luthiers seem, however, to be undeterred by either practicality, or by the limits of human anatomy..."



start or at least figure how to approach homeless eyes project
get in shape/eat better
learn new things
(horticulture is a good knowledge)
figure out teaching
read more poetry, but don't start using stuffy words in everyday speech
pray more, worship god actively
work on song
be in the woods more, especially since it's getting prettier every day
think ahead
work on linocut
skydiving: responsible?
figure out work
keep a schedule
drink a beer, relax. buy a hammock, that's a good idea
find a nice hat you don't hate yourself for wearing
love everypeople
learn how to sew
figure out how to get a cheap new prescription for glasses
figure out how to get a cheap new glasses
practice guitar, piano
develop bread skills
work on spelling
vanity, makeup and grooming: where do you draw the line?
winter is coming, do you have gloves jimmy?
don't stress it buddy
how can I learn to be a good sketcher?
live more intentionally
be more serious
be more fun
be less lukewarm anything


Two Things:

1) I have never regretted going outside.
b) Don't confuse knowledge with wisdom.


Father's Classical Guitar

I'm tired,
I'm lonely,
I'm maybe even fearful;
a lot of things I thought I'd never be.
I sought myself,
and look where it got me:
spiraling down, burning...
doubled doubt and vanity.
Cried out,
"Oh God,
When will you comfort me?"
"Son, when will you love me?
(When will you) turn your face to me,
away from your small gods of sin?
How long will you feast at barren tables;
drink deep from empty wells?
Aren't you my beloved child?
Stop wallowing in self-pity;
Do not give Satan a foothold.
Know me, love me, steadfastly.
You set for yourself impossible goals;
what do I require of you
but justice and kindness?
Walk humbly with me."

Thumb-strum and fumbling with a classical guitar. Of course I incorporated some droning strings.
Still trying to figure out how to deal with the ridiculously high action up the neck and
some new chords I'll have to work on, but I wanted to get it down before I forgot them.


Unmerited Favor

A family I haven't really spoken to since high school found a box of broken cameras and parts while cleaning out a building in Aurora and thought of me. They drove out of their way to deliver the cameras to me at church yesterday, and it turns out there's a near-mint Polaroid Land 360 in the box... I'll need to rewire it to accept a battery that's still in production (fie on electronic shutters!),  but I loaded it with Fuji FP3000B and got a few shots in before the old batteries died.