Life Lately

It's been 667 days since I last wrote here. I've been the head cook at a tiny restaurant for just over two years now, and today was my last day. I gave notice two months ago, and the weight has been lifting steadily since. Today the weight is gone. I truly enjoyed many aspects of that job, but I am very excited about the future. I have enrolled in a few classes in guitar setup and maintenance, which I will be taking in a few weeks, and have purchased a small heap of luthier equipment, or rather guitar tech equipment, and will be adding more as I go. It's an exciting time for us, and we will see, we will see.


Third Lunaversary

The stupidest thing I've ever thought is,
"Life will slow down after x, and I'll be able to catch my breath,
  refocus, get done those things I've meant to get done."
Life here doesn't slow until it stops, is my guess.


In 2014

I want to be less judgmental.
More open to God and others.
More loving.


Looking Back

Visiting friends and sitting in a coffee shop while they study.... Nothing to do but read and look at photos. So I'm reading about photos. Two birds, one stone, etc.

I'm revisiting my Human Nature project, looking at my work a couple years later and actually being pretty happy with it. Still seeing ways to improve and all that, but generally pleased. One thing strikes me as amusing:

I try so hard to make boring photographs.

[update 12.29.2013: I was at a wedding yesterday, and the pastor quoted Andre Gide thus, "Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better." Looking at my boring images through that glass, I feel much better.]



Got a new camera, finally.