Father's Classical Guitar

I'm tired,
I'm lonely,
I'm maybe even fearful;
a lot of things I thought I'd never be.
I sought myself,
and look where it got me:
spiraling down, burning...
doubled doubt and vanity.
Cried out,
"Oh God,
When will you comfort me?"
"Son, when will you love me?
(When will you) turn your face to me,
away from your small gods of sin?
How long will you feast at barren tables;
drink deep from empty wells?
Aren't you my beloved child?
Stop wallowing in self-pity;
Do not give Satan a foothold.
Know me, love me, steadfastly.
You set for yourself impossible goals;
what do I require of you
but justice and kindness?
Walk humbly with me."

Thumb-strum and fumbling with a classical guitar. Of course I incorporated some droning strings.
Still trying to figure out how to deal with the ridiculously high action up the neck and
some new chords I'll have to work on, but I wanted to get it down before I forgot them.

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