Pekko K├Ąppi and the Jouhikko (Finnish Bowed Lyre)

"It used to be the instrument of kings, and in the turn of the twentieth century, it was the instrument of crippled beggars. And now, slowly, in this century it has become... well, I don't know what it has become... something in the between, but I'm quite sure that kings don't play it."
Additional listening on the jouhikko: a good video of the Jouhiorkesteri (Horse-Hair Orchestra)


Two Slices

Well, I don't know how he did it, but Anthony Clark has managed to sum up my entire college career in four monochrome panels. After school, I wouldn't mind not eating pizza for a long time... but sometimes when it's a choice between cafeteria broccoli pizza or strange-roast mystery-bird with tough-corn (or perhaps some Cincinnati-style chili-water on meat-style hot dogs with crunch-buns), I have to choose broccoli pizza.


Wanna Read About Contemporary Culture Trends?

In the order I came across them, here are three interesting articles I've "collected" while traversing the fruited knolls of the internet over the past couple months. They're all discussing the same thing, but focusing on different aspects of our modern life.

The Artisanal Movement, And 10 Things That Define It

The Faux-Vintage Photo

You Say You Want A Devolution?



Portrait of a Bassoonist

While at the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra performance last night, I was delighted to find a blank page at the back of the program and my favorite pen in my pocket. I thought it would be good fun to sketch a portrait of Abi with her bassoon––here she is playing Berlioz.



An early Honda Goldwing is my dream motorcycle. OK, maybe one of my dream motorcycles.
I'd ride this one into the desert sunset after saying something like, "Sorry babe, only got one seat."