start or at least figure how to approach homeless eyes project
get in shape/eat better
learn new things
(horticulture is a good knowledge)
figure out teaching
read more poetry, but don't start using stuffy words in everyday speech
pray more, worship god actively
work on song
be in the woods more, especially since it's getting prettier every day
think ahead
work on linocut
skydiving: responsible?
figure out work
keep a schedule
drink a beer, relax. buy a hammock, that's a good idea
find a nice hat you don't hate yourself for wearing
love everypeople
learn how to sew
figure out how to get a cheap new prescription for glasses
figure out how to get a cheap new glasses
practice guitar, piano
develop bread skills
work on spelling
vanity, makeup and grooming: where do you draw the line?
winter is coming, do you have gloves jimmy?
don't stress it buddy
how can I learn to be a good sketcher?
live more intentionally
be more serious
be more fun
be less lukewarm anything

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