From the 1897 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalogue No. 104

"The rain falls alike on the just and unjust. 
  All should be supplied with Mackintoshes."


"We have discarded all imported mandolins on account of their    
  worthlessness as a musical instrument."

"The banjo is a popular instrument.
   It deserves to be."


"Following are a few things which should not be done: 
  Don't wear a thin shoe for street or rough wear.
  Don't wear shoes too narrow for your feet.
  Don't fit your shoes short ; especially the ones with pointed toes.
  On the contrary, they should be fitted very long.
  Make your foot much more stylish in appearance.

Finally, a product description from the Department of Revolvers.

"The above illustration engraved from a photograph will give you some idea of the appearance of this revolver, and at our price of $2.75 it will surely prove a death blow to competition. It is a genuine American hammerless revolver. Dealers may say it is impossible. Some may say we do not furnish it but we do. We propose to demonstrate to the consumers of the world that our trade, reaching into every State in the Union and then into every country on the globe, places us in a position to go to the manufacturers with such large orders for cash that we can buy and offer our leaders at prices that will strike terror to dealers and competitors. We use the word "competitors" but we have none, and a comparison of our prices with those of other houses will convince you of this fact.  Our policy is 10,000 revolvers at a profit of 10c. each which amounts to $1000.00 rather than 100 revolvers at $2.00 each and amount to only $200 profit. Every one who buys from us talks for us. We treat them right, we give them unheard of values for their money, and in consequence they will talk––talk words of praise. You can't stop them. Dealers try to, so do certain would-be competitors try to stop them, but they can't. Our customers sound our praise, and as a result our bargain list grows bigger and bigger as each leader succeeds the other.
This new hammerless revolver is made by the New York Arms Co., and is known as the Bull's Eye Hammerless. Solid frame, full nickel plated, fancy ornamented rubber handle, patent safety lock so arranged that accidental discharge is impossible, uses Smith & Wesson central fire cartridges, 22, 32 and 38 caliber as desired. 22 caliber is adapted to rim fire cartridges. 22 caliber has 2 1/2 inch barrel and weighs 9 oz. 32 and 38 calibers have 3 1/4 inch barrels and weigh 14 and 17 oz. respectively. If you buy one you will buy more.
You can sell them at $5.00 each."

"For a First-Class Chance
  To Buy Nice Pants,
  We Need Say No More,
                 Page 164."

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