Coffee-fasting and Weird Sandwiches

Provolone, Dill, and Candied Smoked Sockeye Salmon on a Well-Buttered Cinnamon Raisin Bagel.I've been longing passionately for one of Tom + Chee's freaky-weird grilled-cheese donuts for a couple days. Desperate times, desperate measures. This was definitely not as good, but it was actually kinda edible, so I'll just go with it. Still, pekoe tea was a nice respite from all them flavors bashin' around in my mouth.

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On a somewhat-whim, I decided to somewhat-observe lent by abstaining from coffee. So, how is that?
I went from at least four cups daily (my most was 11 cups, but I cut back) to zero with no weaning period, so I thought it would be pretty horrible. It's not (plus, I've still got my tea). I feel great, and I didn't even know I didn't feel great before. Maybe I just feel greater. Interestingly, I had no withdrawal symptoms, other than be more tired and feeling a little slow the first several days. 

I've also noticed less ramp-up and -down in my energy levels. I'm at 100% energy much faster after waking up than I was when I relied on coffee, and perhaps more importantly, my brain shuts down incredibly faster when it's time to sleep. No more tossing and turning, I'm out in just a few minutes. It's like falling off a cliff rather than walking down a hill. 

I really love coffee. I love the taste. I love making it. I used to love the energy. But I'm kind of dreading drinking it again, or at least afraid I'll feel compelled to drink way too much of it again... I don't miss that "too much coffee" feeling in my brain and stomach. Fortunately, my current preferred brewing processes don't lend themselves to making vast quantities, and my taste is refined enough that I won't waste my one or two daily cups on cheap swill. Temperance, Jimmy!

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