What's Wrong With...

big industry? It's all about efficiency and profit, about streamlining and sterilizing processes. Big industry is concerned with profitability, not people. Science is great as long as we don't reduce the world to numbers. Science is great when it enhances our knowledge and appreciation of the world around us. Industry is the same way. When it's too big, people are as removed from the process as possible, or at least the personalities of people are. We become organic computers. We are not different because of the fall, we are different because we are designed differently. Our good characteristics are beautiful, and when you streamline our personalities out of the process, you are removing God's design. Maybe?


I'm braintired, I don't want to think. I've thought about this all before, anyway. Can't remember where that got me... Everybody's thought about that before, and it's all been written out better. Why did I bother?

The holy spirit, 1/1 and 1/3 God...
Scraping away culture and perception to get to reality and truth. How can I describe colors to a blind person? I can't even describe colors to the sighted. It is the same when talking about God.

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