Audio Still 1

Audio Still 1 by Jimmy-James Rice

So, a few notes:
This is, of course, a rough draft based on my thoughts from last night's post.
It was played on an electric organ, not multiple instruments.
There are multiple parts: Part A is something of a melody, to see how it would relate to the non-melody of Part B, which has two sub-parts.
I played one of the notes with my nose.
It's not really a "still" in the "electronically sustained slice of sound" sense, as I manually played the notes the entire time, and the rotary speakers
  are influencing the sound waves...
I think actively playing the notes is better than artificial sustainment after-the-fact, although harder to achieve with non-electric instruments.
Listen for the change in sound when I switch off the rotaries around 4:15. All that's left is the oscillation of the sound waves.
Also, the robot noises at the end aren't in the original recording, my software glitched doing noise-reduction and I liked it.

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