First Annual Top Five Smells Awards

TFSA 2011! All the best smells are in attendance tonight, and boy, is Vanilla Bean turning heads in that shimmering off-white dress! Rumor has it that this year's judge totally made this up on the spot, and hasn't even considered many of the smells out there today. Notably absent are popular choices like Baking Cookies, Freshly-Cut Grapefruit, and Ocean Breezes, but the judge refuses to stand down.

1. Old Books. By extension, most good libraries and independently-owned bookstores. Careful though, some books don't age as well as others.

2. Damp Forest Floors. Any time of the year! This suite of smells is best enjoyed quietly and alone; it is meditative and ancient.

3. Coffee. Roasted beans > while brewing > while pouring, but all are great. A true classic, and best at sunrise or at breakfast with friends.

4. The Cold Wind That Leads A Stormfront. Actually, this one is my favorite, I think. Even better than night air through a bedroom window.

5. A Properly Maintained Barnyard. This is a great compound smell: animals, wood, gasoline, hay, leather, poop, mystery.

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