Final Semester Rules of Engagement

–No movies during the week

–No television, ever

–No Facebook, unless premeditated personal communication is to take place

–Meat must be eaten at most once a day, and all food must be nutritionally wise, unless courtesy or other situational factors take precedence

–Cash all checks promptly

–If spare time is miraculously present, it must be spent
a. Spiritually
b. Working ahead on assignments
c. Reading about or experiencing something new
d. Exercising, esp. riding bicycle
e. Practicing guitar or banjo, writing music, etc.
f. Cleaning living space

–All living space is to be kept tidy, ready to entertain company at a moments notice

–Coffee must be fresh

–Waste must be minimized

–Manliness levels must never waver, except when kittens or bulbous spiders are present

–Sleep, while pleasant, must not exceed 8 hours at a time. There is no minimum

–Windows should be open if possible

–Lights should be off if possible

–If at all possible, do not spend a single cent

–No impulse buys when shopping

–Try to lose less pens

–Mornings are to be spent wisely. Less sleep, more living

–Recreation should not open the wallet. Cheap thrills only, and when appropriate

–Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without

*This list may be amended at any time

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